Strah, 1996
Fear, ZDA, 97 min Imdb ocena: 6.2 Žanr: drama, triler Igrajo: Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon, William Petersen, Amy Brenneman Režija: James Foley Avtorji: Christopher Crowe Jezik: angleški
Strah - Fear

Slovenski opis filma:

Ko Nicole sreča Davida, je vse kot v sanjah, toda že kmalu odkrije Davidovo temačno stran in takrat se njegova predanost sprevrže v obsedenost, njune sanje v nočno moro, njena ljubezen pa v strah.

Originalni opis filma:

Nicole walker is the average 16 year old girl; wants to have fun, and dreams of her Prince Charming. When her and her best friend Margot appear at a party, she meets older bad boy David. Everything seems to be going so well and Nicole and David become a couple. Nicole's family like David and she decides she loves him enough to give herself to him one night after a date. However, as soon as they became official, David has become a possessive and jealous boyfriend. He even beats up one of Nicole's close male friends when he is seen giving her a hug at the end of school. After this dark event Nicole never wants to see David again but he tries his hardest to make sure Nicole will take him back. Soon enough she forgives him and things seem to be going well again until a sick situation involving Nicole's best friend Margot turns to her and David breaking up again. This time David is not taking any chances with not being with Nicole so him and his friends go into her family home and attempt to take Nicole. Will David get Nicole or will she and her family hold back and get rid of David's sick craving for Nicole?