Slovenski magazin, ponovitev

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  • Bela krajina je dežela tradicije in neokrnjene narave. Sedem alpskih držav se je povezalo v projekt Triple Wood, katerega cilj je promocija lesene gradnje. Ornitolog Tomaž Mihelič je izjemen poznavalec ptic, tudi soavtor novega Atlasa ptic Slovenije. Slikarko Joni Zakonjšek zaznamujejo narava in zenovski dojemanje sveta. Tolminska korita so ena največjih naravnih znamenitosti Posočja. *** In the southeast of Slovenia lies Bela krajina, a very special region with a long tradition, which is partly due to its remoteness from the main transport routes. It boasts a pristine nature as well as a unique and living cultural heritage. Wood has been a traditional building material in the Alpine region for centuries. The international Triple Wood project, which has brought together seven countries from the Alpine region, including Slovenia, was started with the desire to promote good practices in sustainable timber construction. An example of such construction is a tree house in Celje, which has won the European Carbon Smart Communities Award. Ornithologist Tomaž Mihelič is a remarkable expert on birds. He has been involved in numerous bird protection and conservation projects at the national bird watching and research society “DOPPS – Birdlife Slovenia”. One of his most recent and major projects is the latest, Atlas of Birds of Slovenia, of which he is a co-ordinator and co-author. The painter Joni Zakonjšek is characterized by nature and a Zen-like perception of the world. Although her basic motifs are simple, she achieves the desired effect through layers of colour and the play of light. The Tolmin Gorges are one of the biggest natural attractions of Posočje, an area along the Soča River in the west of the country. These picturesque and wild gorges represent the lowest and probably the most beautiful entry point into Triglav National Park.
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