Slovenski magazin, ponovitev

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  • Kranj je zelo staro mesto z bogato zgodovino, stari del mesta je zaščiten kot spomenik. Snežna jama na Raduhi je najvišje ležeča jama v Sloveniji, bogata s kapniki, tudi takimi iz jamskega mleka. Zemljepisni muzej v Ljubljani hrani dragocena pričevanja o slovenskem ozemlju od 16. do 20. stoletja. Slikarka Ana Zavadlav je svoje poslanstvo našla v knjižni ilustraciji. Ana Haberman pa oblikuje umetniško keramiko, večinoma s tehniko ščipanja. *** Kranj is the fourth largest Slovenian town, and capital of the Gorenjska region. It was this town that gave the historical land of Carniola, its name. The town’s medieval city centre has been declared a historical and cultural monument. Snežna jama or Snow Cave on Raduha holds a special place amongst more than 12,000 known Slovenian caves. Located at over 1,500 metres above sea level, this is the highest-lying tourist cave in the country. Even though high alpine caves typically have few cave formations, this cave features many of them. The Geographical Museum in Ljubljana stores maps of different dimensions and subject matter, dating from the 16th through to the 20th century. Most cover Slovenian territories and neighbouring lands. The first map to reference Slovenian territory as an separate unit was drawn in the middle of the 16th century. Painter Ana Zavadlav found her calling in illustrating books, predominately for children and teenagers. Her illustrations delight readers and the professional community alike. Though ceramic artist Ana Haberman has trained as a cultural anthropologist, she found working with clay and bluish-green glazes so alluring that she dedicated herself to making unique ceramic pieces. Each piece is hand-made, mainly by employing the ‘pinching’ method.
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