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Izžarevanje, 1980

The Shining, United Kingdom, United States, 146 min

Imdb ocena 8.4

Žanr: drama, grozljivka

Igrajo: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd

Režija: Stanley Kubrick

Avtorji: Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson

Jezik: angleški

Izžarevanje - The Shining

Slovenski opis filma:

Nadobudni pisatelj Jack sprejme službo oskrbnika gorskega hotela, ki je zaprt do naslednje pomladi. Prikazni in prividi iz krvave preteklosti tega kraja začnejo vse bolj obsedati Jacka in kmalu ga pahnejo v nasilno blaznost.Mojstrovina sodobne grozljivke.

Originalni opis filma:

Haunted by a persistent writer's block, the aspiring author and recovering alcoholic, Jack Torrance, drags his wife, Wendy, and his gifted son, Danny, up snow-capped Colorado's secluded Overlook Hotel after taking up a job as an off-season caretaker. As the cavernous hotel shuts down for the season, the manager gives Jack a grand tour, and the facility's chef, the ageing Mr Hallorann, has a fascinating chat with Danny about a rare psychic gift called "The Shining", making sure to warn him about the hotel's abandoned rooms, and, in particular, the off-limits Room 237. However, instead of overcoming the dismal creative rut, little by little, Jack starts losing his mind, trapped in an unforgiving environment of seemingly endless snowstorms, and a gargantuan silent prison riddled with strange occurrences and eerie visions. Now, the incessant voices inside Jack's head demand sacrifice. Is Jack capable of murder?