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Peščeni planet

Peščeni planet, 1984

Dune, United States, Mehika, 137 min

Imdb ocena 6.3

Žanr: akcijski, avantura, znanstvena fantastika

Igrajo: Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, Francesca Annis

Režija: David Lynch

Avtorji: Frank Herbert, David Lynch

Jezik: angleški

Peščeni planet - Dune

Slovenski opis filma:

Sin vojvode vodi puščavske bojevnike proti galaktičnemu imperiju in sovražnikom, ki so umorili njegovega očeta. Osvoboditi želi puščavski planet.

Originalni opis filma:

In the distant year of 10191, all the planets of the known Universe are under the control of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV and the most important commodity in the Universe is a substance called the spice "MELANGE" which is said to have the power of extending life, expanding the consciousness and even to "fold space" ; being able to travel to any distance without physically moving. This spice "MELANGE" is said to only be produced in the desert planet of Arrakis, where the FREMEN people have the prophecy of a man who will lead them to true freedom. This "desert planet"of Arrakis is also known as DUNE. A secret report of the space "GUILD" talks about some circumstances and plans that could jeopardize the production of "SPICE" with four planets involved: ARRAKIS, CALADAN, GIEDI PRIME and KAITAIN, a world at least visually very alike to Earth and house of the Emperor of the known Universe. The "GUILD" sends a third stage navigator to KAITAIN to ask details from the Emperor and to demand him the killing of young Paul Atreides, son of the Duke Leto Atreides of CALADAN.