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Fantje iz soseščine

Fantje iz soseščine, 1991

Boyz n the Hood, ZDA, 112 min

Imdb ocena 7.8

Žanr: kriminalni, drama

Igrajo: Hudhail Al-Amir, Lloyd Avery II, Angela Bassett, Miya McGhee

Režija: John Singleton

Avtorji: John Singleton

Jezik: angleški

Fantje iz soseščine - Boyz n the Hood

Slovenski opis filma:

Dogajanje spremlja življenja treh mladih prijateljev, ki živijo v getu na obrobju Los Angelesa. Film se dotakne vprašanj glede rase, medsebojnih odnosov, nasilja in obetov za prihodnost.

Originalni opis filma:

John Singleton's portrayal of social problems in inner-city Los Angeles takes the form of a tale of three friends growing up together 'in the 'hood.' Half-brothers Doughboy and Ricky Baker are foils for each other's personality, presenting very different approaches to the tough lives they face. Ricky is the 'All-American' athlete, looking to win a football scholarship to USC and seeks salvation through sports, while 'Dough' succumbs to the violence, alcohol, and crime surrounding him in his environment, but maintains a strong sense of pride and code of honor. Between these two is their friend Tre, who is lucky to have a father, 'Furious' Styles, to teach him to have the strength of character to do what is right and to always take responsibility for his actions.