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Legenda o pijanem mojstru

Legenda o pijanem mojstru, 1994

The Legend of Drunken Master, Hong Kong, 102 min

Imdb ocena 7.5

Žanr: akcijski, komedija

Igrajo: Jackie Chan, Ho-Sung Pak, Lung Ti

Režija: Chia-Liang Liu, Jackie Chan

Avtorji: Edward Tang, Man-Ming Tong, Kai-Chi Yuen

Jezik: kitajski

Legenda o pijanem mojstru - The Legend of Drunken Master

Slovenski opis filma:

Mladi mojster borilnih veščin je ujet med izpolnjevanjem volje svojega očeta pacifista in borbo s skupino nespoštljivih tujcev, da bi jim preprečil krajo neprecenljivih artefaktov.

Originalni opis filma:

Returning home with his father after a shopping expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly caught up in the battle between foreigners who wish to export ancient Chinese artifacts and loyalists who don't want the pieces to leave the country. Fei-Hong has learned a style of fighting called "Drunken Boxing", which makes him a dangerous person to cross. Unfortunately, his father is opposed to his engaging in any kind of fighting, let alone drunken boxing. Consequently, Fei-Hong not only has to fight against the foreigners, but he must overcome his father's antagonism as well.