Vran, 1994
The Crow, ZDA, 102 min Imdb ocena: 7.6 Žanr: akcijski, drama, fantazijski Igrajo: Brandon Lee, Rochelle Davis, Ernie Hudson, Michael Wincott Režija: Alex Proyas Avtorji: James O'Barr (comic book series and comic strip), David J. Schow (scenarij), John Shirley (scenarij) Jezik: angleški
Vran - The Crow

Slovenski opis filma:

Brutalno umorjeni moški vstane od mrtvih, da bi maščeval umor sebe in svoje zaročenke.

Originalni opis filma:

A poetic guitarist Eric Draven is brought back to life by a crow a year after he and his fiancée are murdered. The crow guides him through the land of the living, and leads him to his killers: knife thrower Tin-tin, drugetic Funboy, car buff T-Bird, and the unsophisticated Skank. One by one, Eric gives these thugs a taste of their own medicine. However their leader Top-Dollar, a world-class crime lord who will dispatch his enemies with a Japanese sword and joke about it later, will soon learn the legend of the crow and the secret to the vigilante's invincibility.