Fantomi, 1998
Phantoms, United States, Japonska, 96 min Imdb ocena: 5.4 Žanr: grozljivka, znanstvena fantastika, triler Igrajo: Peter O'Toole, Rose McGowan, Joanna Going Režija: Joe Chappelle Avtorji: Dean R. Koontz Jezik: angleški
Fantomi - Phantoms

Slovenski opis filma:

V spokojnem mestecu Snowfield v Koloradu je zlovešča sila izbrisala celotno skupnost. Skupina preživelih se mora zdaj zoperstaviti zlu.

Originalni opis filma:

People have vanished in a small ski resort village nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Two sisters suspect it to be the work of a serial killer on the loose in town but there is no blood near the dead bodies, no sign of struggle n how can a single serial killer kill all the residents. The sisters come across a sheriff who is a former FBI agent. The agent calls up for back up. The agents' associates gets hold of an academic who theorizes the town has fallen victim to the Ancient Enemy, which periodically wipes out civilizations including that of the Mayans and the Roanoke Island colonists.