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Dežela sonca

Dežela sonca, 2002

Sunshine State, ZDA, 141 min

Imdb ocena 6.9

Žanr: drama, romantični

Igrajo: Alex Lewis, Alan King, Cullen Douglas, Clifton James

Režija: John Sayles

Avtorji: John Sayles

Jezik: angleški

Dežela sonca - Sunshine State

Slovenski opis filma:

Dve ženski se vrneta domov k svojim koreninam na obalo severne Floride, kjer se morata soočiti z družinskimi tegobami, poslom, in vsiljivim nepremičninskim trgom.

Originalni opis filma:

Real estate developers descend upon a sleepy coastal Florida community with the promise of big money and bigger changes. Torn between honoring family obligations and the lure of quick cash, the locals greet the outsiders with a wildly mixed reception. Marly Temple is eager to give in and sell the family business to start over her life. As caretaker of her father's motel and cafe, she has grown resentful of missed opportunities. However, she finds a glimmer of hope in a tentative romance with a visiting landscape architect. Desiree Perry left town many years ago to escape a scandal and make a name for herself as an actress. Reluctantly returning home, she finds her strong willed mother unwilling to let go of the past.