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Poroka na horuk

Poroka na horuk, 2005

I Do, They Don't, ZDA, 86 min

Imdb ocena 5.6

Žanr: družinski

Igrajo: Josie Bissett, Rob Estes, Lyndsy Fonseca, Ephraim Ellis

Režija: Steven Robman

Avtorji: Stu Krieger

Jezik: nemški, angleški

Poroka na horuk - I Do, They Don't

Slovenski opis filma:

Vdovca Carrie in Jim se poročita. Kako se bodo na nove okoliščine navadili njuni otroci?Mlada vdova Carrie Lewellyn ima uspešen posel in štiri otroke: Andrewa, Moiro, Nathana in Daisy. Vdovec Jim Barber izdeluje pohištvo in ima prav tako štiri otroke: Andrewa, Jeffa, Lily in Sandy. Ko se Carrie in Jim po letu dni odločita, da se bosta v Las Vegasu poročila, to povzroči veliko zmede v zdaj zelo veliki družini.

Originalni opis filma:

Young widow Carrie Lewellyn has a successful cookies business and four kids: Andrew, Moira, little Nathan and little Daisy. Widower Jim Barber, a furniture maker, also has four: Andrew B, Jef, Lily and Sandy (dating seriously with Rusty), plus a dog, Java. When the two parents, who had been dating for nearly a year, decide rather impulsively to get married on a trip to Las Vegas in a casino's chapel when challenged on stage, without the kids who find out reading the news in the National Interrogator, that results in a chaotically large reconstituted family. The first meeting of all ten is a picnic on neutral grounds, and a disaster at first sight: Andrew L. -who has a dog allergy- and Sandy know and hate each-other. The youngest kids soon decide keeping their parents close still is best- the only place the happy couple can be alone is with the dog in the garage. Andrew B and Moira surprise their parents by kissing each-other. The possibilities for conflicts are endless, and they can coincide too. Jim tries to get the kids to mingle by having everyone take a "hooky day" together, bowling boys-girls, and that's a start, but can it get easy? When they don't fight, the kids try to play the parents against each-other, which even puts their marriage under pressure, as their respective professional problems do...