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Divje mrhe

Divje mrhe, 2009

Whip It, United States, 111 min

Imdb ocena 6.9

Žanr: drama, Športni

Igrajo: Elliot Page, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wiig

Režija: Drew Barrymore

Avtorji: Shauna Cross

Jezik: angleški

Divje mrhe - Whip It

Slovenski opis filma:

Film o punci, ki se naveliča življenja v nazadnjaškem teksaškem mestecu in se pridruži ekipi neugnanih deklet, ki tekmujejo v kotalkarskih dvobojih.

Originalni opis filma:

In a town near Austin, Bliss Cavendar's strong-willed mom believes that 17-year-old Bliss can win pageants, which she considers the key to a happy life. Bliss isn't the beauty pageant type: she's shy and quiet and has just one friend:Pash, her fellow waitress at a diner. Things change for Bliss when she discovers a women's roller-derby league in Austin, tries out, proves to be whip-fast, and makes the team. Now she needs to become someone tough on the rink, keep her parents from finding out where she goes twice a week, and do something about her first crush, on a musician she meets at the derby. Meanwhile, Mom still sees Bliss as Miss Bluebonnet. Things are on a collision course; will everyone get banged up?