Betonski faraoni

Betonski faraoni, 2010
Concrete Pharaohs, Bolgarija, 47 min Imdb ocena: 9.3 Žanr: dokumentarni, informativni Režija: Jordan Todorov Avtorji: Jordan Todorov Jezik: bolgarski

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Welcome to the picturesque world of the Kalderash Roma - a closed community of no more than 1 million people all over the world. 'Concrete Pharaohs' take us on a journey into the lifestyle and traditions of the most hidden and intriguing Roma communities. A charismatic Gypsy baron will walk us through his stories and his new house. We will learn the hot trends in Roma tombstone design. We will go down into the underground homes of African granite, furnished with beds, wardrobes, stereos and a charged cell phone - a direct line to the other world. A celebration of life and afterlife in all of their manifestations.