Stradanje, 2014
Starve, ZDA, 98 min Imdb ocena: 4.6 Žanr: grozljivka, triler Igrajo: Bobby Campo, Mariah Bonner, Bobby C. King, Cooper Huckabee Režija: Griff Furst Avtorji: Xander Wolf (scenarij) Jezik: angleški
Stradanje - Starve

Slovenski opis filma:

Ste se kdaj spraševali, česa so ljudje zmožni, ko so potisnjeni na rob smrti? V zapuščenem mestu Freedom na Floridi bo odgovor na to vprašanje kmalu znan. Večja skupina avtoštoparjev in izgubljenih potnikov se znajde v situacijah, ki preizkušajo njihovo voljo do preživetja. Beck, Candice in Jiminey potujejo v to osamljeno mesto, da bi za novo knjigo raziskali legendo o divjih otrocih. Medtem ko intervjuvajo nekaj prebivalcev, ki živijo na obrobju mesta, ne upoštevajo vseh opozoril, da "mesto zapustijo, preden postanejo del zgodbe," ugrabi jih psihopat Runyan. Med seboj se bodo morali boriti za pravico do življenja.

Originalni opis filma:

Ever wonder what humans are capable of when pushed to the brink of death? In the abandoned town of Freedom, Florida, such a question is being answered as an ever-rotating group of hitchhikers and lost travelers are being put in situations that test their will to survive. BECK (Bobby Campo), CANDICE (Mariah Bonner), and JIMINEY (Dave Davis) take a road trip into this isolated town to research the legend of feral children for a new graphic novel. As they interview the few residents living on the outskirts of town, they ignore all warnings to "leave before they become part of the story", and are captured by the reclusive psychopath, RUNYAN. Starved for the purpose of entertainment and revenge, our three travelers find themselves in a situation pulled right from their darkest nightmares. They are forced to fight and kill other captives to earn their next meal. When our heroes think they've seen the deepest pit of inhumanity, they discover that Runyan is just a pawn in a bigger, deadlier game. He's controlled by a sadistic caretaker who hides in the shadows, barking unthinkable demands for reasons only he knows. Can family members and loved ones withstand the evil temptations? Or will the pressure get the best of them as they battle one another for the right to live? "STARVE" takes a disturbing look at the deprivations humans are willing to endure for survival...