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Gospod Thomas

Gospod Thomas, 2015

Two Down, Velika Britanija, 88 min

Imdb ocena 8.4

Žanr: komedija, kriminalni, triler

Igrajo: Conleth Hill, Alex Hassell, Tori Butler Hart, Graham Butler

Režija: Matthew Butler Hart

Avtorji: Matthew Butler Hart, Tori Butler Hart

Jezik: angleški

Slovenski opis filma:

Življenje mlade ženske se zasuka na glavo, ko njo in krajevnega dostavljavca kot talca ugrabi ranjeni morilec po naročilu. Med kitajsko hrano in steklenico viskija se razkrije, kaj se je zgodilo tistega večera. Življenje mlade ženske se zasuka na glavo, ko se pri njej doma pojavi ranjeni morilec po naročilu in jo vzame za talko. Ko tja nepričakovano pride še krajevni dostavljavec in njen prijatelj, oboroženi zločinec ugrabi še njega. Trojica se tako usede za mizo s kitajsko hrano in steklenico viskija. Po nekaj urah razpravljanja se končno razkrije, kaj se je v resnici zgodilo tistega večera: razgrne se tančica prevar in sklepajo se nova zavezništva, ki bodo vsem spremenila življenje za vselej. Mračni komični triler prinaša zabavno zgodbo o prevarah, goljufijah in nenavadnem prijateljstvu v zadnjih trenutkih življenja okorelega kriminalca.

Originalni opis filma:

Two Down is the first theatrical feature from Fizz and Ginger Films, whom Screen International (UK), picked for their 'Stars of Tomorrow' edition in 2013. Set in modern day London, Two Down is nevertheless inspired by films of the 1970's, which gives this clever little thriller an interesting spin in the look, the dialogue and the sound. After surviving an explosion in Iraq, Mr. Thomas leaves the infuriating desk job the army had created for him and enters the underground world of the contract killer. His brother, Sam, had been caught selling on army secrets to the highest bidder and is now working for the illusive Harry Montagu. They use Mr. Thomas as a very effective way of eliminating problems they encounter in their business. That is until Mr. Thomas begins to question whom these problems are that he is removing, and why they deserve this fate. We start the film with Mr. Thomas following a target, a young woman. All is not as it seems as she manages to fight him off long enough for someone in the shadows to shoot him in the back. Thinking him dead they walk away, leaving him to die in the alleyway. Mr. Thomas, surviving, but injured, manages to get to a safe house owned by a friend. When he arrives however his friend is no longer there but a young woman, Sophie. Through necessity he takes her, and the local take-away delivery boy, hostage and waits for his partner to pick him up. Hours later he is still waiting and over the course of the evening, with the help of a bottle of whiskey and a Chinese take-away, they slowly unravel the events of the evening to discover that Mr. Thomas was set up. Led by a very keen Sophie they try to work out by who and why. But why is Sophie so eager to get to the bottom of the events of the evening? There is more than one mystery that Mr. Thomas has to solve, and he's quickly running out of time. The film features Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones, Suits), Felicity Montagu (Alan Partridge), Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time), Alex Hassell (