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Transfer, 2015

Transference, Velika Britanija, 15 min

Žanr: short, drama

Igrajo: Matt E Hudson, Ceri-Rose Larcombe

Režija: Matt E Hudson

Avtorji: Matt E Hudson

Jezik: angleški

Slovenski opis filma:

Mlada psihiatrinja sprejme novega pacienta, ki se izkaže za večji izziv, kot bi pričakovala.Mlada psihiatrinja sprejme novega pacienta. Mladenič se izkaže za večji izziv, kot bi pričakovala.

Originalni opis filma:

Watch closely, because not all is what it seems. A post coital conversation becomes a simple game of who, what, why and when as we see each point of view of the out of bounds seduction leading to the illicit affair. But this is not just about the physical, this is about what really goes on in our minds. Dripping with subtext and metaphors that break in and out of context to the situation, two people are laid bare in this alluring, fatalistic and dysfunctional conversation.