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Konfucij, 2016

In the Name of Confucius, Kanada, 52 min

Žanr: dokumentarni

Režija: Doris Liu

Avtorji: Doris Liu

Jezik: angleški

Slovenski opis filma:

Igrano-dokumentarni film prinaša poglobljen pogled v življenje in misel vélikega modreca in učitelja Konfucija, ki že 2500 let odločilno sooblikuje razvoj Kitajske. Njegova vodila so ukoreninjena v sodobno visokokonkurenčno družbo. Poznavanje Konfucija in njegove zapuščine pomeni tudi lažje razumevanje te svetovne velesile.

Originalni opis filma:

The Chinese government claims that the mission of its multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute (CI) initiative is to teach Mandarin language. Since 2004, CIs have found their ways into 1500 universities and schools around the world. However, when Canada's largest school board, the TDSB, is about to introduce the world's largest CI into its classrooms, mass protests and emotional public meetings ensue. Among the protesters is Sonia Zhao, a former CI instructor who defected and revealed the inner workings of the CI system. Sonia lived in constant fear as she was forced to conceal her spiritual beliefs. Amidst a discrimination complaint Sonia launched, Canada's McMaster University closed its CI. Filmmaker Doris Liu sets off on cross Canada investigation into other educational institutions. Oftentimes, rather than responding to factual questions, school officials who once touted CI partnerships walk away. In the months to follow, the TDSB would hear testimonies from Sonia, concerned parents, and a former security and intelligence agent about evidence of propaganda, human rights abuse, and espionage. The TDSB chair, a driving force behind the CI partnership, would go onto resign, as tension between the pro and anti-CI camps grows-culminating in a TDSB vote to terminate the CI agreement.