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Crypto, 2019

Crypto, ZDA, 105 min

Imdb ocena 5.6

Žanr: drama

Igrajo: Cat Alter

Režija: John Stalberg Jr.

Avtorji: Carlyle Eubank

Jezik: angleški

Slovenski opis filma:

Mladi bančnik iz Wall Strreeta razišče skrivne poti spletnega denarja.

Originalni opis filma:

The film, entitled Crypto, will feature Russell as well as Alexis Bledel, Jeremie Harris and Luke Hemsworth, among others. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film focuses on a young anti-money laundering agent, played by Beau Knapp, who returns to his hometown in New York to investigate a case of corruption and fraud. Russell is playing the father of Knapp’s character, according to press materials.
Dealing with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dash and Bitcoin leads him to unknown world. Investigating ethereum and other crypto cloud mining facilities takes him beyond what he could expect in the first place.
Affecting both his personal life and business career. Crypto may be one of the most high-profile films to date to center on the world of cryptocurrencies. Last year, it was reported that the Coen brothers – the filmmakers behind movies like The Big Lebowski and No Country For Old Men – were working on a movie about the Silk Road, the now-defunct dark market that used bitcoin as its central currency.