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Boršč – skrivna sestavina

Boršč – skrivna sestavina, 2020

Borsch. The Secret Ingredient, Ukrajina, 80 min

Žanr: dokumentarni

Igrajo: Yevgen Klopotenko

Režija: Dmytro Kochnev

Jezik: ukrajinski

Slovenski opis filma:

Mesna ali vegetarijanska različica? S fižolom, krompirjem ali pač brez? S paradižniki ali le paradižnikovo pasto? Kaj pa s suhimi gobami ali morda z dimljenimi hruškami? Katera različica je prava? Priznani ukrajinski kuharski mojster se poda na popotovanje po raznoliki pokrajini Ukrajine, srečuje tamkajšnje prebivalce ter odkriva zapeljive recepte in skrivne sestavine za znameniti ukrajinski boršč. / Ukrajina / 2020 / Režija: Dmitro Kočnev

Originalni opis filma:

Meat-based or vegetarian, with or without beans, potatoes in or out, tomato sauce or real tomatoes added, dried mushrooms or smoked pears, or maybe just mom's borsch? Which variant should be considered "the real thing"? The battles have been lasting for years. That is why Yevhen Klopotenko, a well-known chef, sets out on a journey across Ukraine to uncover the most fascinating borsch recipes and to find the secret ingredients which make this dish unique. During this trip, Yevhen reaches a conclusion that recipe components are not a priority but people and their values are. Secret ingredients from different regions and people are even cooler than falling in love. We'll astonish you with borsch cooked on river water, with fish, dumplings, geese meat, sausages and even whisky and honey. We'll offer you to taste borsch in Chernobyl nuclear power station canteen or just on a quay in the center of Uzhgorod, in "Highest Cuisine Restaurant" in Lviv, on a mountain peak in Transcarpathia, in artists' summer residence, with Jews, Hungarians and Crimean Tatars - Find your unique secret ingredient.